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Effectively coordinate your team and aircraft to increase productivity.

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Sparrow Flight Features

Program Management

Sparrow helps you manage your personnel and aircraft so you are as productive as possible. The dashboard allows you to know your program status in real time.

Flight Records

View your flight records on an organizational basis, by individual, or by aircraft. Individuals and organizations can build an operational resume to share with potential employers and customers.

Project Management

Plan and resource your projects. Develop project timelines, assign tasks, track completion of those tasks, and schedule flights. Know that the right things are being done by the right people at the right time leading to high quality results.


Generate standard reports of fleet data by aircraft, certificate of authorization (COA), and flight operator, reducing the time and energy it takes to file monthly reports with regulating agencies like the FAA.

Aircraft Management

Add and manage aircraft from our library of UAS. Track aircraft information and maintenance logs allowing you to minimize downtime and utilize your fleet efficiently.

Exemptions and Certificates

Add and manage regulatory exemptions and certificates of authorization. Maintain digital documentation in one convenient place, ensuring your crew is flying in a compliant manner.

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